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Focused on the alignment, operation and implementation of corporate partnerships and strategic alliances, we understand that collaborating is the one of the realistic way to meet the challenges of today's rapidly changing, global business environment. A strategic alliance has the talent, the resources, & the time to innovate and succeed.

Joint ventures, alliances, and other corporate partnering are fueling the growth of the world's most successful companies. The demand to deliver the latest products, more quickly, and at lower prices has never been greater. Joint ventures and other collaborative business arrangements are revolutionizing how winning companies compete because they permit companies to enter new markets and field new products.

We provide clients with solutions for linking together companies in an alliance, franchise, joint venture, collaborative network, outsourcing arrangement, or supply chain. It can often be helpful for partners to have an independent third party to turn to when they need help. In assembling a partnering you can run into difficult issues that can be resolved more easily with the help of an independent and reasonable viewpoint. Lawyers can get locked up into unreasonable positions. As an outsider we can ask tough questions to open the issues, find reasonable compromises, and break the deadlock.

We help you and support you through the delicate partnering process by:

  • Qualifying prospective partners
  • Assessing your true partnering needs
  • Identifying the partner profiles
  • Avoiding common errors and pitfalls
  • Bringing your deal to early closure
  • Partnering Arbitration and Mediation Services