About Alliance






A merger or acquisition can offer your company unparalleled growth and profits. But managing the process is challenging and can be a strain on your internal resources.

Regardless of whether you’re buying or selling a company, you strive for the best possible financial outcome. Enlisting the help of a third party, who has been through the process many times, alleviates the strain on your on-site resources and dramatically improves your chances for a successful transaction.


Our experienced professionals provide services to help you through a merger or acquisition deal phase. The Deal Phase initiates with a formation of deal concept followed by prospecting & selection. After selection we provide prospect due diligence as well as deal due diligence.

In some cases, we work with leading global investment banking firms specializing in mergers and acquisitions, to offer the services that best fit your needs.

Our advisors provide the following components to a merger, acquisition or sale:

  • Deal concept
  • Internal education and consensus-building
  • Prospecting
  • Qualification and candidate assessment
  • Deal Feasibility study
  • Prospect Due diligence
  • Deal Due diligence
  • Transaction packaging for internal approval
  • Negotiation and finalization of the offer

Depending on your needs and merger & acquisition experience, we provide solutions — from Deal Concept to Negotiation — or, we assist you with specific M & A issues. This means we tailor a solution that meets your specific needs.