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Customer Experience Management uses a combination of the following tools:

  • Mystery Shopping (customer experience evaluations)
  • Customer & Staff Satisfaction (regular independent surveys)
  • Operation Audits (detailed operational evaluations)
  • Best Practice Management (tools to share internal knowledge)
  • Competitive Benchmarking (regular progress tracking)

Ultimately, we fill the gap between customer's experiences and their expectations.
You know how good you want it to be…
You know how good you have asked for it to be…
But is that quality of service being delivered to your customers?
Mystery Shopping by MSSPL is a tried and tested measurement of the interface between company and customer. It constitutes virtually the only constructive method of checking that the standards of service set by you, are being delivered to your customers.


Choosing a Mystery Shopping Service provider can be a difficult decision at the best of times. Making the correct decision is vital – after all you want to work with a company that really wants to make a difference.
We are absolutely besotted by the service we provide and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure we give outstanding service and capture business intelligence that will give you a real advantage in today’s competitive world.

  1. We offer our Risk Free Trial
  2. MSSPL is the only company in its field to provide a Full Service Guarantee
  3. Every member of our team of shoppers is trained and accredited by us.
  4. We are recipient of the testimonials by prestigious organisations and FHRAI (federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India)
  5. We offer the customer insight to training solution
  6. We pledge to match any ‘Like for Like’ Mystery Shopping quotation
  7. Be assured by our unique, tried and tested Program Development Process which is designed to support you at every stage
  8. Our 24/7 Web based Reporting System is advanced and proactive reportage system
  9. We use sophisticated research methods to focus on sales growth, customer satisfaction and advocacy

“On all the occasions when an organisation and a customer/guest interact, the customer/guest experiences something about the organisation. Depending upon what is experienced from each experience, customers/guests may alter their behavior in ways that affect their individual profitability” Sumesh Madan ED